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Protect your home against water damage

We offer basement waterproofing solutions for properties throughout the Indianapolis area. A waterproof basement provides superior protection against leaks and moisture, helping to save you from costly repairs.

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Indianapolis Basement Waterproofing – Helping to Keep Your Home Dry

Dangers of a Wet Basement in Indianapolis

It is easy to ignore a small leak inside your home after heavy rainfall. However, even a tiny streak of water in your basement could be a sign of a major problem. It often takes years for the effects of water damage to present themselves. 

Water damage is the most common type of home damage and basements are the most vulnerable part of the house. Your home may be at risk due to rain, plumbing leaks, high humidity levels, or overflows. Water may also seep through small cracks in the foundation. These issues bring unwanted moisture and may cause flooding.

Standing water and excess moisture bring a wide range of potential issues:

  • Mold growth
  • Bacteria
  • Pests 
  • Dust mites
  • Damage to belongings
  • Structural damage

Constant moisture increases the risk of mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria problems. Dampness creates an ideal environment for spores and organic material to grow and spread. Without treatment, mold and bacteria can reach other areas of the property, traveling through the ducts to reach every room.

Mold and bacteria also bring health risks to the occupants. People with asthma or respiratory diseases are at an increased risk of developing severe symptoms. 

Wet basements also attract pests and dust mites. Insects and rodents seek damp environments when searching for food or shelter. Dust mites also thrive in warm, damp environments, leading to increased sneezing and stuffy noses.

Flooding and moisture may cause damage to belongings. Furniture, electronics, and other items stored in the basement may develop mold while wooden parts may start to rot.

The biggest threat to the safety of your property is structural damage caused by water damage. Excessive flooding or constant moisture may lead to foundation cracks, which limits the structural integrity of your home.

Repairing structural damage is often an expensive, time-consuming process. Damage to the foundation places additional pressure on the walls, floors, and roof. Over time, the strain may cause walls and floors to buckle. Ignoring the problem may even make your home uninhabitable.

The best defense against these dangers is Indianapolis basement waterproofing from trusted waterproofing companies

An experienced contractor can use a sealer and other materials to add a protective barrier on the concrete, keeping water from penetrating your basement. Allow us to inspect your property and receive a free estimate for our waterproofing solutions.

Signs That Your Basement Has a Water Problem

A flooded basement is an obvious sign of water damage. There are also many subtle signs that may take years to develop. If you notice any of the following issues, your cellar or basement may benefit from our waterproofing system:

  • Water seepage and leaks
  • Flooded floor drains
  • Mold 
  • Efflorescence
  • Buckling walls
  • Cracked walls

Hydrostatic pressure is a common cause of wet basements. The pressure builds as water accumulates under the foundation, allowing water to seep through the cove joint where the walls and floor meet. 

A basement leak may develop due to poor craftsmanship or material. You may notice water leaking between the bricks in the foundation.

Flooded floor drains lead to excess moisture and the risk of flooding, especially after heavy rainfall. While a plumbing contractor may be needed to resolve drainage issues, our exterior waterproofing solutions helps keep water from building up under the foundation. 

No matter the cause of the water problem, you may notice additional signs. Mold and efflorescence tend to develop in damp conditions. Mold grows in dark, damp areas, increasing the risk of respiratory issues. Efflorescence is the white, powdery substance that appears on basement walls when water with a high salt content evaporates.

These problems may cause structural damage. The weakened foundation may cause walls to crack or buckle. Floors may also buckle or warp. If you notice a widening crack on a wall, it may be due to the structural failure of the foundation. 

Moisture can also lead to peeling or bubbling paint. If the basement walls are coated in paint, water seepage may cause the paint to bubble or peel. 

Some of these signs occur immediately after it rains while others take a long time to develop. When these issues appear, contact us to explore cost-effective solutions.

Why Should You Waterproof Your Basement?

Waterproofing is one of several methods for dealing with a wet basement. However, sealing your basement provides a more effective solution. 

Fixing the gutters and downspouts, patching a few cracks in the basement walls, and adding a sump pump may help reduce future leaks. Unfortunately, those options do not address leaks caused by hydrostatic pressure and existing water damage.

Water may still seep into your basement through the foundation, window wells, or flooring. Our waterproofing systems help create a layer of protection against moisture and leaks.

Waterproofing may also save you from the high cost of repair for structural damage. Treating the problem now could stop any additional deterioration of the concrete foundation.

Reliable Indianapolis Basement Waterproofing

If you detect any of the signs of water damage, do not hesitate to contact us. Taking care of the cause of your wet basement quickly may reduce the need for extensive repairs to the foundation.

We use the latest waterproofing techniques and materials to keep your basement dry. Depending on the layout of your home and the severity of the water penetration, you may benefit from our interior or exterior waterproofing. Both methods involve the use of sealants or a waterproof membrane to create a barrier for stopping leaks.

To address your leaky basement, we start with a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home. Unlike other companies, our goal is to provide the best recommendation for your specific problem, instead of trying to sell you solutions you do not need.

Our team carefully inspects your property to determine the cause and severity of the problem. No matter if you are dealing with floor cracks, foundation cracks, window leaks, hydrostatic pressure, or drainage issues, we have you covered.

We offer dependable Indianapolis basement waterproofing for residential and commercial properties. Our local contractors serve all of Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Avoid waiting too long to deal with a leak or moisture problem. We can fix your wet basement quickly with the most effective solutions available.

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